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Noita Hex Bag 2021.jpg

Hex Bag

Hex Bag is an attention seeking, skinsy Pinot Gris with an acidity-boosting dose of Grüner Veltliner!​

100% hand-harvested organic Pinot Gris (80%) and Grüner Veltliner (20%). Hand-destemmed + 7 days skin contact.

The wine has a huge brightness on the palette. Full of stone fruit, particularly apricot & peach  - slightly restrained by Pinot Gris’ umami notes. Exciting acidity with a light reduction on the nose. ​
The perfect companion for roasted veg and grilled meats & bottle-share evenings with friends! ​

Playlist pairing courtesy of  @jimmythebrutedj​

Grüner Veltliner


Our 100% Grüner Veltliner is the result of a split-second decision we are so glad we made! Whilst preparing a blend for another wine, we were so impressed with the free-run juice, that we just couldn’t bear to blend it. ​

Crisp apple, ripe lemon & mustard seed on the nose.​
On the palate: Ripe citrus & dried apricot. Peach, a little nuttyness, fresh herbs and the traditional peppery hint. Awesome acidity that’s been blowing our minds since harvest!​

Pair with salads and bitter greens, seafood (crab especially). There’s more than enough oomph to cut through salt and fatty charcuterie too. Available widely in Alko stores in Finland.

Noita GV 2021.jpg
Noita Riesling 2021.jpg


So fresh, so clean. And super bright! 100% Riesling.
36 hour cool skin contact.​

On the nose: Fresh pear, a little tropical​.
On the palate: Honeydew, ripe citrus, green pear & apple, a little peachy and refreshing acidity.

Pair with a sun terrace and a view.​ Available through Alko's webshop in Finland.

Baba Yaga

80% Riesling
20% Muscat Ottonel

Baba Yaga is an enigmatic and ambiguous being of the Slavic folklore. She’s a villain and a donor, a mother and a witch. 

The wine is dry and fresh, with notes of apricot, white peach and hint rose petals. Best enjoyed with mysterious company and puzzling circumstances. 

Baba Yaga 75cl.jpg
Noita Flux Lumen 2021.jpg

Flux Lumen


Flux Lumen is a celebration of light. We’re extremely proud of our fresh and zesty stainless steel whites and FL 2021 feels like the pinnacle of our work on this method.​

Ripe green fruits & peach on the nose with apple, pear, ripe grapefruit, dried peach and a moreish, juicy texture.​

42% Chardonnay, 33% Gruner Veltliner & 25% Furmint​.

2 days of cold skin contact. Buy a bottle or two through Alko's webshop (Finland), More Natural Wine or check  your local natural wine dealer.

Hands in the air! Noita graphic wizard, Dan Wilson presents a ‘playlist pairing’ brimming with euphoria! Check out Dan at Instagram @danwilson1982

Behemoth 75cl.jpg


100% Muscat Ottonel. Meow.

Open top fermentation in skins for 4 days.

Behemoth is a shape-shifting giant demonic cat with a penchant for chess, vodka, pistols, and obnoxious sarcasm. Originally represented as a character in the novel The Master and Margarita. This MusCAT is dry, with some typical orange wine flavours such as mandarin, passion fruit, and flowery notes. During the winemaking formed volatile acidity contributes to freshness and structure into the wine. Perfect match with friends, sarcasm and boardgames.


Sold out at More Natural Wine, but just wait till the next cat lands Berlin. Playlist in vintage 2022 (will be launched soon!) curated by Eric Juslén - DJ, community radio founder, music- and natural wine enthusiast. Meow.

Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir returns! Having not released a Pinot Noir in 2020, we’re super happy to have this guy back! Elegantly balanced with a big strawberry nose. Bright acidity and subtle tannins. This wine will cellar well but it’s super fun young too.​

Hand-destemmed + lightly stomped, 12% ABV.

Pairing nicely with souvlaki, haloumi or balsamic dressings.​ Also available through Alko while it lasts. Some bottles seen even in Äkäslompolo's store.

Noita Pinot Noir 2021.jpg

Loop Garoo

Naturally sparkling Pinot Blanc with a touch of Pinot Noir.

Charmat method Pinot Blanc (88%) and Pinot Noir (12%).

The wine is fresh and fruity, acid-forward with an intense nose of raspberry and strawberry. On the palate: Fresh berry & fruity notes; wild strawberry, juniper & blood grapefruit​

Pair with salty starters or tapas, fresh desserts or enjoy as a dessert/starter itself​. If you're in Finland, orders this gem through Alko's webshop.

Noita harvest faithful Vejay Nair has been helping us with juice since 2019. He can also be found djing in helsinki on the regular. As a favour, he spent a little time with loop garoo and has presented us with the perfect musical pairing for this energetic, sparkling rose. Check Vejay at Instagram @neutralfeatures​

Loop Garoo 2021.jpg
noita space echo

Space Echo


100% hand-harvested organic Blaufränkisch and Rotburger grapes from Burgenland, Austria.

Vineyards owned by Julius Hafner. Vines planted in the mid-90s in Mönchhof on the east coast of lake Neusiedl and have been registered organic since 2007.


Blaufränkisch 50%, Zweigelt 50%. Native yeast ferment. Co-fermentation whole cluster before transferring to a neutral oak foeder for maceration. Pressed after 3 months and returned to foeder for further 4 months. Further maturation in stainless steel before bottling. 29 mg/L So2 added before bottling. Nothing else added or taken away.

Unfined, unfiltered, suitable for vegans. 

Tasting notes:

Crushed forest strawberry, slightly earthy and some tangy acidity.  Oily spruce, light bodied and medium tannin. 

Sort your bottle from Alko (FI) or your go-to-natural-wine-shop (outside of Finland) and sip while listening to Space Echo playlist.

Pet Nat

This wine’s back-bone is Pinot Blanc (43%) and Chardonnay (37%) which give great structure and the best possible canvas to showcase the intense forest berry aromas of Blaufränkisch (12%) and Rotburger (8%). ​

The palate is alive with fresh acidity, cherry and wild strawberry and lots and lots of lovely natural bubbles.​ 12,5% ABV. This beauty can be purchased at Alko web shop and their selected stores in Finland (if you like it, like really really like it, you can request this to the store nearest you through Alko-toive).


Playlist pairing was kindly curated by Helsinki based artist, director and producer – Timo Wright! Perfect for all your summer parties.​


Noita Pet Nat 2021.jpg
Noita Doppelgänger 2021.jpg


100% organic Rotburger, 10,5% ABV.

The cap was concentrated by removing the saignée rose, resulting in more intense but simultaneously fresher tasting tannins. On the nose it’s a touch earthy with dark berries, cherry and plum.​

On the palate: Cherry fruit & stone, dark berries, ripe raspberry, spicy, tannic, high astringency and a medium bodied​

Noita winemaker Ilona Aaltonen knows this wine intimately. Her psyched-up, schizophrenic jazz odyssey is the perfect playlist pairing for a multi-dimentional wine like this!​


Our party wine with just a little bit of funk. ​

On the nose: fresh dark berries and ripe raspberry.​

On the palate: cherry, wild strawberry, a light cinnamon in the finish, medium bodied.​

Saignée / direct press rosé.

Pair with picnic dishes, vegetarian BBQ, fresh herby sausages or creamy cheese, such as brie. ​   


Check availability in Finland through Alko. ​

ps. this is our winemaker-Ilona's favourite!

Noita Kosmos 2021.jpg


Grape Pomace Moonshine


Moonshine distilled from grape pomace leftover from 2018’s wines. The skins have also been used to season beers meaning that this is the third use of the same grapes.


ALC Vol 38%

Ask this from our bar in Veitsitehdas, Fiskars!

Noita White Spritzer 5.5% ABV


Low alcohol, naturally carbonated co-ferment made by the rehydration of organic grape pomace immediately after the free-run wine is removed. We hydrate with water and organic apple juice and allow the fermentation to continue in bottle to carbonate naturally.

We end up with a light, refreshing 5.5% natural wine spritzer whilst using our grape skins a second time #zerowaste


Green apple, gooseberry and lemon on the nose. Light and refreshing on the palette.

Pair with a feta and apple salad or as a light palette cleanser for BBQ food. 

You can buy this at our shop in Veitsitehdas, Fiskars.


Noita Red Spritzer 5.5% ABV


Low alcohol, naturally carbonated co-ferment made by the rehydration of organic grape pomace immediately after the free-run wine is removed. We hydrate with water and organic apple juice and allow the fermentation to continue in bottle to carbonate naturally.

We end up with a light, refreshing 5.5% natural wine spritzer.


Strawberry and black currant on the nose. Light and refreshing on the palette.

Pair with wok greens, noodles and fish sauce or with BBQ food. 

We're soon running out of this, but grab yours at Veitsitehdas, in the amazing small village of Fiskars!

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